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Discover the best money-saving hacks from our community.

March 17, 2022
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🌈 A quick taster for you:  

  • Organize your money with sub-accounts. 
  • Keep track of your subscriptions.
  • Avoid impulse buying by waiting 48 hours.  

🧐 Why do I care?

“Why is there so much month left over at the end of the money?” If this joke feels all too familiar then you’re in the right place! Because we recently turned to the hive mind and asked the wavje community about their savings hacks — and we received some really good answers! So, we’re sharing them with you here:

🔍 What exactly is happening here?

  • Cem (23) keeps track of his money with sub-accounts.
    If you only have one account for all of your income and expenses, then it’s pretty easy to quickly lose track of everything. So don't do that. Instead, be like Cem! He cleverly uses different sub-accounts to organize his money — once his salary arrives in his main account, he then splits it up into different sub-accounts. 
    His ‘fixed cost’ sub-account is for all his monthly fixed costs like rent, subscriptions and insurances. Another chunk of his salary goes to a seperate ‘savings’ sub-account where the money can’t be quickly taken out — this means there’s no danger that he’ll accidentally dip into his savings on a whim. His remaining income is then at his disposal, but he also chooses to split this up to make sure his money lasts until the end of the month. 
    So, he created a sub-account called ‘treat yourself’, into which he transfers some money every week — and if there’s some money left in that account at the end of the week, he’ll transfer it into the ‘savings’ sub-account. 
    All this helps Cem to have enough money to last him the month. Props to you, Cem!
  • Anni (21) reviews all her subscriptions every six months.
    Netflix, Amazon prime, Disney+, Joyn, Spotify, Apple Music, Audible, Bookbeat, Blinkist, and, and, and. Streaming services are mega: for around €10 a month there’s an amazing selection to choose from. That’s until you realize that you’ve subscribed to loads of different ones... then the cost quickly adds up! 
    That's exactly why Anni checks her subscriptions every 6 months, and cancels any that she’s no longer really using. Another smart move is that she chats with her friends to find out who’s paying for which subscriptions, so that they can share the accounts — and split the costs. This not only saves Anni money, but it lets her friends save too. That’s what we call a win-win-win.
  • Paul (21) waits 48hours before ordering something.
    Shopping online is beyond easy. You’re just checking out the latest fashion drops, and suddenly the doorbell rings to notify you of yet another big package with your name on it. Whoopsie! These are exactly the impulse buys that Paul wants to avoid. Whether it's clothes, cooking utensils, games, or whatever else influencers are trying to sell you at the moment. Paul's moment of awakening: when he came home, saw a package waiting for him, and realized he’d completely forgotten that he ordered it in the first place. Not cool. So, to make sure this wouldn’t happen again, Paul set himself a limit — he doesn't order anything straight away, but waits 48 hours before buying it. He just lets two days pass. Then, if he still thinks it's a good idea to buy it, it gets ordered. If not then he not only saves the environment but also his cash. Kudos to you, Paul! 

🤓 What does this mean for me?

These insights from our community can help you manage your money a little better. Do you have some great money-saving hacks of your own? How do you manage your money? How do you try to put money aside? Share your experience and let us know your tricks on Instagram (@owwnapp) under our most recent post. And hey, it pays to share: the best comment has a chance to secure €50 for their OWWN account.

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