The Briefing

It’s never too early to start thinking about summer vacations.

How to best plan your trip this year.

March 31, 2022
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🌈 A quick taster for you:  

  • Booking on certain days makes it cheaper.
  • Stay curious: fly somewhere random.
  • On a budget: keep an eye on your finances.  

🧐 Why do I care?

Whaat? Tomorrow is April already?! No way! 2022 is flying by! Even the weather is finally on the up, and there’s a little hint of summer in the air — which reminds us: it's about time to start thinking about your summer vacation. We’ve got a few thoughts on that...  

🔍 What exactly is happening here?

  • You know what you'll have done this summer
    That might be a somewhat grammatically wonky headline, but if you already know how you're going to spend your summer vacation, then kudos to you! You're much further along in your planning than other people — including us.
    Here are our top tips:
    - First things first, we hope your dates don’t fall during the school vacations otherwise it’ll definitely end up more expensive.
    - If you plan to travel by plane, then flights on Sundays are usually cheapest — or on Thursdays for international flights.
    - Because of the pandemic it’s much cheaper to book way in advance, rather than leaving it to the last minute — which is why we’re reminding you about this today!
    - Not a fan of flying? No problem! Traveling by bus or train within Europe is super easy and there are more and more night trains — which are a nice way to start any vacation!
    - When it comes to booking accommodation, prices on Mondays are generally lower than on the weekend.
    These hints come from the 7th annual report from Expedia and Airlines Reporting Corporation about how to book a vacation at the best price. 
  • Want to get away, but have no idea where to go?
    Not fussed about the where and when, so long as you get a good holiday? Mega!
    There are so many ways to discover new places and save money in the process. On Skyscanner, for example, you can simply specify which airport you'd like to fly from, but leave it open as to the destination and time frame — it’s a great way to discover the cheapest offers. If your conscience is nagging you, you can use the money you save to offset your CO2. 
    But you can of course also have a great summer vacation without flying. With airbnb you can stay flexible with dates and simply search for unusual accommodation — opening your eyes to new areas of Germany. 
  • You want to travel, but not at any price
    Taking a trip with friends will no doubt create memories of a lifetime, but the planning can often get a little tricky. Especially when it comes to the travel budget. One good tip is to stay in a cool hostel for a few days and mix it up with a few days in an airbnb — so that it stays affordable for everyone.

🤓 What does this mean for me?

Yes, everyone loves a vacation, but planning it can often be super stressful. This newsletter has hopefully taken a little pain out of the process, and given you some good money-saving ideas. The days are getting longer, the sun is coming out more and more often — brace yourself, summer is coming!      

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