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EURO 2020 - what does soccer have to do with me?

Even if you are not a fan, the tournament affects you!

June 17, 2021
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🌈 A quick taster for you:

  • There are fans in the stadium again
  • You can make money without betting!
  • Games in Baku draw criticism


🧐 Why do I care?

  • It's EURO 2021! You didn’t know? No problem! Even football fans are surprised by how suddenly this tournament started. It began on 11 June, and it ends on 11 July. And where is the European Championship taking place? In no single country, but in 11 countries. Wild! 
  • Even if you're not interested in soccer, major sporting events always have political and economic relevance. Here, we summarize for you what's happening off the pitch! 

🔍 What exactly is happening here?

  • 24 teams, 11 countries, and full stadiums in a pandemic?
    Although many countries still have Corona restrictions, all cities involved have firmly committed to filling at least 25% of the stadium capacity for the European Championship. At first, 25% doesn't sound like much. But in London, for example, that's 22,500 fans. Other cities, such as Budapest, even want to fill their stadiums completely - amounting to 61,000 people! It's hard to imagine after 1 ½ years of pandemic, isn't it? 
  • Not only the ball should roll
    Cities that resisted opening stadiums to fans, like Bilbao or Dublin, for example, ended up having their hosting privileges quickly withdrawn by UEFA. The international institution insisted that a limited number of fans had to be allowed into games, depending on each country’s Covid-19 regulations. When asked how the decisions on stadium capacity were made, UEFA replied that the hosts were responsible for their own regulations. For sponsors, fans are an essential factor. After all, it's not just about the atmosphere, but about the money. Officials in Bilbao are now at least trying to claim damages for the lost revenue. It remains exciting!
  • Public viewing? Or a beer garden and DIY cell phone stream?
    Of course, there will not be a Fan Mile in Berlin this year.
    Regardless, many outdoor restaurateurs are still deciding whether to host viewings. For this European Championship, more is needed than just a few screens, cold drinks and bratwursts: many owners do not want to commit their spaces to the tournament yet.  A high degree of uncertainty with frequently-changing Covid-19 restrictions within the city, the great effort involved in developing a working hygiene concept, the need for security staff and the revenue to pay them, and the different regulations in each federal state mean that no clear decision can yet be made. Nevertheless, public viewing is taking place in many cities. 
  • Is there corruption involved here?
    In addition to the criticism of the apparent fan obligation (see Bilbao above), UEFA has been accused of corruption in its choices of host cities. This, too, seems to be a tradition at major tournaments. Three matches will take place in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan - a country that is not necessarily known for its democracy or dedication to human rights and freedoms. But hey, the last World Cup was held in Russia, and in the winter of 2022 a tournament will probably be held in Qatar. Soccer has its own laws.

🤓 What does this mean for me?

  • You have the opportunity to earn fast money! Simply ask at your local cafe or pub around the corner if they are looking for temporary workers for EURO 2021. If they are hosting outdoor viewings of matches, there is a good chance that they will need extra security and servers for the extra fans. However, there is no guarantee that owners want to pay more staff due to the pandemic, so if you don’t succeed at your first stop, try another. 

    Small tip:
    Since tips do not have to be taxed, the salary can sometimes be improved by 50-100%. 
  • The relaxation of restrictions means an increasingly better situation for you; there is the opportunity to take advantage of outdoor dining. Kick back with a beer at a pub that is showing EURO 2021, or enjoy the space and peace in a gastro that does not broadcast games - especially when Germany plays, it will be pleasantly empty for you and your friends. 
  • If you are on the fence about following the European Championship, make the tournament more exciting by starting a betting game with your friends and a small stake. With a little luck, you can win money and it's a lot more fun! From our own experience, we can say that football knowledge doesn’t matter; anyone can pick a winning team. In the office we use Kicktipp. Good luck!

    Our Two Cents
    Soccer has always been more than the sum of its parts, that's what makes the European Championship such a huge event. From a great opportunity to make a little quick cash in a side job, to fostering a social community with low-stakes betting - in the end, this European Championship is what you make of it.

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