Banking for you and your creww.

Understand finances in seconds, increase money every day, stay liquid even at the end of the month.
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Digital banking - awwesome.

Get your OWWN banking account with IBAN and fancy debit card. Then, create pools for online shopping, a night on the towwn or your shared rent. Shopped too much? Set yourself limits and move your savings into separate pools - whether for new Doc Martens, your Sushi Bike or that big trip around the world.

owwnly friends.
Banking together.

Friends share most things. From now on you can also share your banking. From a shared savings account for that new fridge, to anonymous budget comparisons within the crew; from group challenges with exclusive rewards, to paying for joint activities directly from the friends pool - it's just better together.

If you know you knoww, moneywise.

No desire to do crazy experiments with your money? You only get individual tips and support from your OWWN community when you really need it. And there are useful content snacks on your OWWN feed, all explained in a super simple way.
The social banking app for financial owwnership.